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I. The company


     Taiwan APA Corporation (The Company) wasIncorporated in 1992 in Taiwan by Mr. Ted Chuang, its founder and incumbent chairman.


     The company is engaged in the business of data processing, paper management and data processing equipment sales, loyalty program services and computer system integration. Under the leadership of Mr. Ted Chuang and his professional and dynamic management team.


     The company has experienced substantial growth and advancement in last six years(1995-2000). While the institutional customers(both business and government) served by the company for date processing and statement forms printing have grown to over 200 and more than 1000 machine user are currently being served by the company for data processing and form printing, and at the same time the company’s sales and net profit also have shown a remarkable growth of 3.9 times(from NT$53 million to NT$205 million) and 117 times(from NT$239,000 to NT$28 million) respectively.


       In the past 9 years, the company has branched out into various areas of business and services in alignment with the pules of Taiwan’s economic, computer and system integration developments. It has served its customers with quality products diligence and traditional enthusiastic spirit. The trusts and loyalty exhibited to the company .by its customers together with the close cooperation and strong support from the company’s worldwide machine maker which it represents, have not only made the company growing stronger with time, but also have made the company regarded by many as the leader in its industries with lion’s share of Taiwan market.


     Now the company is poised to go international with focus on the Greater China and U.S. Market. The company is very confident with the proper financial support along with its steady, practical yet visionary management philosophy and marketing strategy, it will grow even much stronger and more profitable.



 II. Service and products


  1 Service offered

     A. Data Processing:

         Database Management

         Postal Optimization

         Mailing Enhancements

         Text and Graphics Creation



     B. Forms Printing for;

         Bill & Statements

         Letter/Reply forms

         Check Certificate/Coupon Mailings

         Self Mailers

         Rebate Fulfillment Forms





         a) The above services are being served by the company’s letter shop.

         b) E post center – established in 1995, it is the first professional company.

              that offers total solution of e-postal service in Taiwan.


     C. Loyalty award program services.

         The company makes full range of incentive program services available to its

         customers- from total management service of program designing, execution ,

         maintenance to joint promotion with merchants, reward gift delivery and

         customer care center service. This program also can be tailor made to suit

         the customer’s needs.


     D. System integration services.

      -The company’s specialization on different computer code solutions make it

           a nature fit to provide computer system integration service to its customers.

      -The company provides internet solution to its customers as in the web and

           home page design and ASP solution.

      -The company distributes e Picor software user for ERP CRM, a Web base

           solution for the enterprises and merchants.



2 Product sales and service

     A. Product sales

         The company acts as agent or distributor for many

          internationally well Known makers of date

          processing, printing and after-printing machines

          and quipment including:


         - Bowe insertion systems

         - IBM and Xeikon high speed printing system

         - Marconi graphic system

         - Troy MICR(Magnetic ink character recognition) printing system

         - Orion printing peripheral system

         - CIM plastic card system


     B. Machine maintenance and service

         The company offer to its machine customers of:

         Pre-sale technical consultation service Post-sale operation training and

         maintenance services Periodical market update and seminar on new products


     At the present, the company has installed as well as providing services to more than 1000 machines in Taiwan located at various banks, insurance and securities firms, telecommunication companies and government.







III. Business Status


  1. As the biggest machine and equipment seller or

      distributor with more than 200 institutional customers

      on hand and over 1000 machines being installed and serviced by the company,
      makes the company the leader in its industries.


  2. The company is not only doing billing and credit card statements printing

      services for its more than 27 banking customers but also provides total

      management services to 7 of these banks’ for their loyalty incentive program.


  3. Of Taiwan four big mobile phone companies, two of them have purchased

       the company’s machines and the other two have out sourced their billing

       and statement printing works to the company.


  4. One of the largest Taiwan airline has contracted the company to manage its

       entire mileage program as well as its statement printing job.


  5. The company dominates the investment trust company’s mutual fund billing

      and statement printing market.


  6. In 1999, the company has launched its own convenience card called

      “Only Card” currently it has signed more than two million card memberships

      as well as several thousand merchants. The “Only Card” was designed to

      give win (card holder) –  Win (merchant) – win (the company) situations to

      all related parties.


      The company conducts and executes its sales and services by employing both traditional real world approach as well as through the extensive use internet  B to B and B to C applications complimented with real person customer service  via call centers.











IV. Competitive advantages 


          The leadership’s keen sense of market coupled with his seasoned management team have already made  the company stands above its competitors. In  addition, the company’s proprietary innovations and  know how will further strengthening its competitive  edge.


They are as listed below.

    a) The company specializes on different computer Chinese charactercode


    b) Proprietary “user font generator” easier to use.


    c) Proprietary “zip code sorting” gives significant time and cost saving to



    d) The company as the first data process and printing outsourcing center that

         has been approved for ISO9002 by SGS. The certificate covers all of the

        company’s operations.


    e) As the largest machine provider, the company enjoys low equipment cost,

        flexible services and more efficient operation than its competitors.



V. Growth Strategy


      The company’s fully realizes its growth objective can be achieved not only it   must keep its production costs down and operating efficiency up, but also more   importantly, the company must develop new services and new markets to  expand its customer base, sales revenues and profit. To address these issues,  the company will adopt following strategies.


   1. Strengthening and developing new services in Taiwan market to augment its

        home base operations.


   2. Actively developing new markets with Hong Kong and mainland China

       markets as primary targets followed with U.S. southern California’s Chinese

       American owned business niche market as next target.


   3. Offering full flexible date process services to customers such as:

       a). Co-sourcing service, in addition to outsourcing service, the company will

             even offer service at customer site including equipment, man power.

             Or, In-sourcing service for data process, printing and mailing.

       b). Internet service e-banking & e-billing service. based on the internet trend,

             the company would offer these  services to for its customers and their


       c). Customer care center service

            -It offer telephone center,

            -In and out bound call service

            -Fax services

            -e-mail service

       d). Card center service

             The company will specialize on:

            -Credit card embossing, printing, inserting and services

            -Loyalty incentive program for bank credit card outsourcing need